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Monongalia County COVID-19 Testing

From the Monongalia County Health Department

In observance of WV Governor Justice’s order to expand Covid-19 testing particularly for minority communities Monongalia County Health Department (MCHD) will be providing testing on the following dates: 
  • Friday May 22, 9 AM to 4 PM, at Big Lots Parking Lot, Westover 
  • Saturday May 23, 9 AM to 4 PM, at WVU Coliseum Parking Lot, Morgantown 

Key Points: 

  1. Proof of residency is not required. 
  2. There is No Charge for testing and there will be no insurance copay or impact on future benefits. 
  3. If you have insurance, it will assist county and state to make up some charges for these free tests. 
  4. Drive through and those on foot may be tested. 
  5. Monongalia County Health Department (MCHD) will be in communication with everyone who tests allowing them to know whether they are negative or positive for Covid-19. 
  6. To help us notify you of test results everyone presenting for testing will need to provide their name, date of birth, and a telephone number where test results may be reported. 
  7. In an effort to stop the spread of this viral disease which may cause illness, hospitalization, or even death, people who test positive will be asked about people in their family and social circle which is called Contact Tracing. 
  8. Safety of persons being tested and staff doing the specimen collection is of the utmost importance and social distancing and other safety measures will be observed. 
  9. Wearing masks or facial coverings are encouraged for everyone. 
  10. Social distancing will be observed. 

Testing Process 

  1. We will have volunteer National Guard medical staff to help us on testing days. 
  2. There will be a registration table where labels will be made for the tube that contains the specimen and the outer bag. 
  3. Nasal swabs will be performed by MCHD staff working with West Virginia National Guard. 
  4. To obtain a good specimen for testing, the person performing the test places a small Q-tip like swab in the nose which is advanced back to the throat and then removed after several seconds. There is a slight and temporary discomfort. 
  5. Specimens may take several days to run in the lab and those participating will be contacted with their results which is why having a means to reach people is important. 
  6. Any questions may be addressed to the health department 304-598-5100
  7. Frequently asked questions (FAQ) may be found on our web page:

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