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STARS Student Spotlight Hannah Davis


CBCR: Where are you from, and how was your high school experience?
Hannah: I am from Pittsburgh, PA. High School for me was an interesting experience. I had a lot of ups and downs. I was extremely different from a lot of my friends. I was what a lot of people considered “too black for the white kids but too white for the black kids”. So I had trouble finding my place in high school, but the activities that I was a part of, sort of gave me a place. I was in the marching band, the Honors Choir, Drama Club, Musical Theatre Productions, and the Youth for Christ Club. It helped me figure out who I was and who I wanted to be. So overall high school was a good experience but I am glad it is over. 

CBCR: How was your STARS experience, and do you feel it has prepared you for college?
Hannah: My STARS experience was one I will most definitely never forget. I remember being afraid that I wouldn’t find any friends and I would be really alone in this brand new huge university. I was afraid of feeling the same way I did in high school. But STARS gave me a family to come in with together. STARS gave me something that only a select few have. It helped me with time management, I got to know the campus better, and I was able to visit and get accustomed to the building where I would be spending mostly all of my time.

CBCR: How did you get involved with the WVU Choral Group?
Hannah: I am in two different choirs. Women’s Choir was required of me, because every music major has to be in one ensemble. It is a non - auditioned Choir and anyone can join. I heard about the Chamber Singer auditions about two weeks before they were taking place, so I figured why not just go for it? If I didn’t get in, I can always work towards it next year. And I thought I was just a freshman, I had time. So I practiced the music with a friend of mine and we auditioned. That evening I found out that I made it. 


CBCR: Are there any other WVU organizations you are interested in?
Hannah: As of right now, I have a full plate so I am not looking to join anything else, but that doesn’t mean I am absolutely closing myself off from participating in other organizations. If one comes along that I am really interested in and I can make time for it while keeping up with my studies, then sure.

CBCR: What is your short, and long term goals?
Hannah: My main short term goal right now is to make the president’s list as a freshman. A long term goal of mine is to have my doctoral degree in both music education and vocal performance. 

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